The world toilet day is celebrated every 19th of November. This year’s theme focuses on how sanitation or lack of it can impact on livelihoods. Toilets plays a crucial role in creating a strong economy, as well as improving health and protecting people’s safety and dignity.
A lack of toilet at work and at home has severe impact upon businesses. Absence of toilet has negative impact on the workforce; poor health, absenteeism, attributed to reduced concentration, exhaustion and decrease in productivity.
Below are the few ways we can celebrate World Toilet Day.
1. Participate in the ‘Urgent Run’ which is a global mobilization event to draw attention to urgent calls for action to end the sanitation crisis by registering KEPA event with
2. Do a ‘big squat’. Hold a big squat and raise awareness of more than 1 billion people who face the indignity of open defecation, which spread diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and diarrhea. We can invite friends, colleagues, family and people in the local community and squat in front of KEPA public toilet or place. Take photos or video and share them on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtags #bigsquat, #worldtoiletday, #opendefecation.
3. With KEPA managing public toilets within the state, we can be ‘toilets advocate’. Clean and safe toilets are fundamental for health, dignity, privacy and education. We can contact our local representatives, public toilets in our state. Issues to be discussed can be;
• Does Kaduna need new public toilets?
• Are the toilets safe and accessible, clean and well-maintained?
• Is there an appropriate ratio of toilets for men and women?
Who to collaborate with:
• Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RUWASSA)
• Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
• Sanitation Hygiene and Water in Nigeria (SHAWN)
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry for local Government
• Send to United Nations Portal
Let us help fight open defecation and make the world a safer place to live.
Halima Uba Abba